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More than 100,000 companies are already in the TTRX network. See our DSCSA Software in Action!

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Don’t settle for Single Service Solutions. Other solutions are only able to offer one piece of the puzzle. They lack integration, or only offer one service. Our platform offers an out of the box bundle including DSCSA Traceability, ERP, EDI, Warehouse Management, CRM, Accounting.


Over 150 million transactions

processed and protected


"We were able to Quickly Connect to thousands of our suppliers and automate our traceability data. This saved us a lot of man hours."

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CEO Medpoint Pharmaceuticals

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Exceptional Support & Training


TrackTraceRx is the ONLY DSCSA solution provider that will call and onboard EVERY one of your Trading partners. We will dedicate a person to call every one of your trading partners and make sure they are sending you the correct compliance data.


Our system is so simple to use, TrackTraceRx will host unlimited training sessions.

Integrated DSCSA Network

TrackTraceRx spent the last ten years

integrating with top pharmaceutical companies creating a network of interchangeable traceability environment between your suppliers and vendors.

Companies that signup automatically become integrated on the TrackTraceRx Integrated network.

100% Automation

Our top customer feedback

was to create a solution that was completely automated. With our integrated network, we are able to process millions of transactions with 100% automation and allow you to do what you do best.

A Forrester study showed the following benefit for a company that deployed an automated solution. Return on Investment: 176% Pay-back Period: < 11 months. Employee productivity up by 15%.

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Feature Rich DSCSA Serialization Software

Providing a modern DSCSA Serialization Solution

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Pricing that makes sense.

We promise:

Most affordable pricing. Match or beat any price.
The easiest solution to use on the market.
Quick turnaround on deployment.
Amazing Customer Service.

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What is DSCSA?

The DSCSA outlines the steps necessary to build an electronic interoperable system that can track and trace types of prescription drugs as they are sold and distributed in the United States.


TrackTraceRx has developed the only solution that approaches traceability focusing on the following touch points:

Exchange and Repository

Our open API allows easy data exchange between your organization and your respective trading partners.

Our repository provides easy access for backups and historical snapshots of your data for retrieval. This data is stored for up to 6 years.

Detection and Response

TrackTraceRx detects exceptions and provides easy to use visibility to your traceability data.

Retrieve your traceability data (T3s) in a matter of seconds.

T3 & Serialization Management

Product identification & ownership requires keeping transaction records of your TH ( Transaction History ) TI ( Transaction Information ) and TS (Transaction Statement).


DSCSA Timeline

November 2023

On November 2023 the DSCSA will turn into an electronic, serialized records retention serialization system.
Item level products will need to be serialized and must be associated with its parent shipper case serial number and up to the pallet serial number.

November 2017

Serialization Software, Manufacturers must add a “product identifier” to each individual package and homogeneous case of product.
This product identifier is a standardized graphic (two- dimensional dot matrix) that carries the product’s standardized numerical identifier (SNI), lot number, and expiration date in both human- readable and machine-readable format.

January 2015

Trading Partners must only purchase products from authorized trading partners and exchange transactional data on a lot batch level.
Trading partners shall have a system or process in place to investigate and quarantine products that are “suspect” or illegitimate, and notify FDA and immediate trading partners.

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