Envisioning the Future of Pharmaceutical Serialization

TrackTraceRx is a medical care technology company that builds cutting-edge IoT-empowered Track & Trace system for the pharmaceutical industry. Back-end cloud Track & Trace system with the next-generation mobile-edge scan code technology that combines QR code multi-scanning for drug serialization with built-in AR.

Top pharmacy software company in the United States

Our Experts,
The Traceability Warriors

We believe in the mission of creating the best medical care scan code solutions to secure the supply chain to benefit the lives of the end user, pharmacy included. Today we have thousands of pharmaceutical companies using our network to exchange millions of transactions every year for our customers across the globe- all with the help of QR code scanners connecting with all thing IoT.

 Iot-enabled pharmacy software reinvented by an experiences team
Makers behind the best pharmacy software development


Founded in Florida, the first state to introduce traceability, redefining pharmacy software.


Over 100 million transactions processed and protected with IoT-enabled QR code scanners.


Pharmacy chains, Manufacturers, Wholesale Distributors, CMO, 3PLs, Repackagers

Our Track and Trace Partners Love Us!

Proudly servicing our customers in the Life Sciences industry for over 10 years, we have revolutionized the medical care by introducing pharmacy software such as multi-scanners in the traceability of prescription drugs.

Quality Traceability
with a Growing Team

A talented team with experience is the only way to build quality pharmacy software to better serve our customers who need QR code scanners to reinvent the pharmacy supply chain.

  • Chris Souza
  • Thiago Doval Araujo
  • Brian Sanz
  • Rodrigo Cesar
  • Mike
  • xavier
  • Carl Lorenzetti
  • patricia

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