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CodeRX – Unique identifier for smarter packaging

CodeRX is a solution for printing barcodes, imperceptible to the naked eye, on packaging or labels, without the use of special inks or complex printing processes. We follow the strictest international quality standards and are associate members of GS1.

Our solution makes the supply chain more sustainable, transparent and secure, allowing consumers to verify the authenticity of the product and the recyclability of its packaging.

Package after printing the codes

The same information contained in the code is replicated hundreds of times on a package, maintaining the integrity of the original design and in a way that is unnoticeable when looking at the package.

Example with special code application

Printing the codes results in the information being repeated several times on the package, as in the illustration. When we look with the naked eye, we do not see the printed codes.

Through smart packaging, products begin to tell stories:

  • Transparency of product information at every link along the production chain.
  • Access to information about manufacturing steps in different sectors.
  • Automated collection of information in self-service, reducing waiting times.
  • Easy visibility of product information.
  • The access to the recycling plan of product waste and discarded parts.
  • The integrity of the packaging design, since there is no need to use different codes and seals throughout the production chain.
  • The integrity of the product, avoiding counterfeiting with the use of invisible barcodes.

Discover the power of invisible codes

Our technology enables the visibility and traceability of the product at every link in the production chain and during the entire life cycle of the product.

Data reveals the importance of CodeRX for your business

$ 1,9 T

According to data from the International Chamber of Commerce, by 2022, the global value of counterfeit and pirated products will exceed $1.9 trillion.


The number of counterfeited goods seized at the U.S. border has increased tenfold since 2000 (data from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security).

$ 188 Bi

By 2025, the global anti-counterfeit packaging market will have grown by $188 billion, up 12% annually according to Research and Markets.

Our solution replaces many symbol types

  • Faster scanning by any enabled device.
  • Higher accuracy rates than conventional 1D and 2D codes.
  • Lower ink consumption in mass production.
  • More accurate and efficient workflows.
  • Real-time data processing for confident decision-making.

Flexible and adaptable barcode location

TTRX (SDKs) integrated with existing hardware scan the barcode for a variety of purposes

Although the code is not visible, the information can be viewed through devices such as smartphones, in-store scanners, or machine vision on the production line or warehouse distribution.

Get to know some of the CodeRX applications

Quick scanning of products and packages without the need to feed the code into the scanner. Reduce queues at checkouts.

In various types of retail operations, including self-service, consumers can scan product codes directly from carts or baskets.

Turn your product packaging into digital storytellers about its manufacturing stages. Make information accessible that otherwise could not be conveyed due to package design or size.

Gain greater efficiency and improve the performance of day-to-day operations within warehouses and distribution centers.

Some of the many benefits of the CodeRX solution

Protected brand

Authentication of products and packages, inhibiting fraud and counterfeiting.

Retail efficiency

Highly efficient stock management

Scanning reliability and accuracy

Smart packaging printing process, more reliable.

High performance Data Matrix

Supply chain performance excellence

Reimagine your business with CodeRX

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CodeRX gives every package an identity to drive your business transformation.