DSCSA and 340B

The 340B Drug Program

The 340B drug discount program adds a lot of complexity to a regular drug supply chain. But there are simple ways to untangle them and uncomplicate the traceability of drugs under the program. Adopting the flexible solutions offered by TrackTraceRX is just a case in point.

Our mobile-edge solutions assure of fast and accurate traceability, while maintaining the compliance standards of both DSCSA and the ‘covered entity’ Act, making systems audit-ready and independently functional.

DSCSA compliance 340B

DSCSA Compliance and 340B Program

Medicaid, the Drug Pricing Program and FDA are subtly connected, which brings them all passively under the DSCSA regulatory ambit. It is important to note here that what links all of them are the supply chain stakeholders, precisely manufacturers and contract pharmacies functioning under the DSCSA law.

The Drug Pricing Program and Supply Chain Issues

The lack of T3 information is one of the major concerns that riddles the supply chain, which deals with both types of drugs. So, how can they be authenticated? The asset attached below will answer all of that and more:

  • DSCSA Hospitals

    Are there cost-effective solutions to enable seamless handling of these independent drugs in the same DSCSA compliance-approved supply chain?

  • pharmaceutical compliance

    How can contract pharmacies and manufacturers ensure that only DSCSA-approved and not counterfeit products are reaching the benefactors at the end of the supply chain?

  • contract pharmacies and manufacturers 340B program

    Is it possible without the transaction information?

  • DSCSA definition of 340B

    Is there a cost-effective way to store such information independently without spending too much (if the stakeholder desires to do so)?

A Suite of Solutions to Stand By

While being your knowledge partner and compliance consultant for all things 340B, TrackTraceRX promises of cost-effective and efficient solutions that can handle both mainstream and Pricing Program consignments. The solutions we offer include:

AR-enabled multiscanners: For real-time inputs on the status of drugs that empower stakeholders to conduct contact-less screening under the program.

Traceability Suites: Ready or not! It stores the T3 information no matter what, to make you self-reliant and audit-ready at any point in time.

Cloud-based master database: Flexible and expansive, the data stays secured and within your reach. Visibility of drugs enhances as you stay connected with the networked manufacturers.

To explore more on how the program operates, who are the beneficiaries, how do the stakeholders benefit and the eligibility criteria to participate in program, download the asset provided below. You can also get the detailed technological know-hows on the solutions we provide to handle 340B drugs alongside the mainstream drugs seamlessly.


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