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DSCSA Verification: Everything that distributors and manufacturers should know

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has defined Verification Router Service (VRS) as an interoperable model for automating all saleable return requests between manufacturers and wholesale distributors.

And believe me, it is no small task! 60 million saleable units are returned each year. With every one of these returns, there is a chance for counterfeit drugs to enter the supply chain.

VRS: Safer chains and much cheaper returns

The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) developed the VRS model in 2015 for manufacturers and distributors to achieve cheaper and faster saleable returns in compliance with regulatory legislation, thus reducing the impact on consumers and businesses alike.

The FDA requires that by November 27, 2023, the relevant agents will verify the unique product identifier before redistributing their saleable returns, complying with the requirements of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).


What you will learn in this eBook


What the VRS system is and how it works



The importance of traceability: compliance requirements in saleable returns


EPCIS: understanding the use within VRS operations


Discover implementation challenges and foolproof success factors in VRS operations


Don't be left behind: Learn how to choose the ideal VRS provider for your business and avoid costly expenses in the future


TrackTraceRX: A Step Ahead in Simplifying the Verification of Saleable Returns.


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