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As a leader in the pharmaceutical traceability market, TrackTraceRx offers a state of the art, user friendly and intuitive, and cost efficient solution for clients within the entire pharmaceutical supply chain. Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, repackager or dispenser, TrackTraceRx has a solution that fits your needs, and your budget!

Feature Rich DSCSA Serialization Software

• Lot Level Tracking
• EDI Support
• Serialization Support
• Aggregation Support
• GS1 EPCIS Support
• Inventory Management
• Line Management System or EDGE Integration
• ERP/WMS Integration
• Trading Partner License Management
• Inter Company Transfer
• Repackager Support
• Quarantine Audit Support
• API Access
• TI/TS/TH supporting EDI, FTP, Paper, Manual, VAN and EPCIS. Attachment Merging
• Upload an attachment and we will merge as a Transaction History
• Support for Multiple Locations. Your transaction will be received and associated with a specific location and to a specific user access

100% Automation

Our goal has been to create a solution that is completely automated. With our integrated network, we are able to process millions of transactions with 100% automation and allow you focus on what you do what you do best.

Integrated DSCSA Network

TrackTraceRx has spent the last 10 years integrating with top pharmaceutical companies creating a network of interchangeable traceability environment between your suppliers and vendors. Companies that join will automatically become integrated on the TrackTraceRx Integrated Network (TTRxIN).

Exceptional Support & Training

TrackTraceRx is the ONLY DSCSA solution provider that will call and onboard EVERY one of your Trading partners. We will dedicate a person to call every one of your trading partners and make sure they are sending you the correct compliance data.

Our system is so simple to use, TrackTraceRx will host unlimited and free training sessions.

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Drop us a line! We will be happy to speak with you.

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