TrackTraceRx was founded in 2005 in Orlando, Florida after the state became victim of counterfeit Rx products which resulted in casualties. Our CEO and VP personally felt the need to prevent further casualties and decided to embrace this honorable cause.

Uniting forces and extensive knowledge in pharmaceutical distribution and software development, the original founders drafted a project which became the prototype of today’s TTRx system.

After the DSCSA law was signed in December of 2013, the company rebranded to what is now know as TrackTraceRx. It has experienced explosive and exponential growth since, and is forecasted to maintain the same momentum past the 2023 industrywide deadline.

The company is now one of the industry leaders in pharmaceutical traceability by offering cutting-edge enterprise technology, with extremely appealing user-friendly solutions at an affordable price.

TrackTraceRx – Traceability Made Easy

1601 Park Center Dr. Unit 10
Orlando, FL, 32835

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