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Capture multiple codes: QR Code, Barcode, Serial, Data Matrix in seconds, higher speeds and lower operational costs.

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Laser scanners can only read one barcode at a time. They are clunky, slow, and expensive. A simple investment in a RapidRX smart mobile device can save thousands of dollars in management, logistics, and stock control costs.

Evidence shows that RapidRx can also increase staff productivity and reduce operating costs. When it comes to reverse logistics, your supply chain needs to react immediately when a product is returned. The augmented reality (AR) and vision system integrated into RapidRX will become your true allies.


More flexibility, speed, and convenience when scanning codes with a smartphone.


Read standardized text and codes accurately in any environment or light.


Access data in real time. Compatible with multiple devices.


Capture up to 25 barcodes simultaneously. 3x faster than dedicated scanners.

Trusted by 600+ Companies


One scanner, multiple capabilities in compliance with laws around the world.

Pharmaceutical Industry

In addition to meeting regulatory compliance, reading the Data Matrix code on the prescribed drug can prove its authenticity and ensure patient safety. RapidRX can identify damaged or counterfeit products and record different types of events. Through the scanner, the data can be retrieved at every link in the production chain. Drugs, surgical instruments, and more can be monitored.

Automotive Industry

From product input to output, using RapidRX, employees can manage their stock 40% faster than using a dedicated scanner, as well as quickly sort, catalogue, search, and find parts to support efficient assembly operations. Augmented reality (AR) overlay is used to highlight special handling instructions to optimize packing and shipping.


People care about what they consume. Innovate your quality management and achieve end-to-end control and visibility in the supply chain. Track inputs, report, monitor production and distribution, provide reliable information to consumers. Through the comprehensive control and monitoring of RapidRX, retailers, wholesalers and distributors can gain greater efficiency and higher productivity.

Cosmetics Industry

Traceability is the strategic solution for the production chain and the entire quality management process. Use RapidRX scanners to protect your brand reputation and reduce risks to consumers. Our solution enables 360° visibility into your product management and logistics: standardize production, easily deal with inappropriate and counterfeit products, and eliminate the risks and costs of recall.

Simplify Integration with API-First

Integrate the fastest RapidRx scanner on the market into any environment or system.

Building a system or component from scratch requires a lot of time and effort from the development team. The API-First concept simplifies this work without affecting the performance of the operation. When new business opportunities arise, our API allows you to expand or scale the solution that much faster.

Customer Experience

The level of customization of our solutions improves the customer experience by providing a cleaner and more intuitive user interface.

Cloud Solution

The cloud service, IoT, and digital platforms, in addition to being secure technologies, are compatible with different systems and mobile devices.

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