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Integrated Solutions

Through flexible and integrated modules you will be able to scale your business

erpRX is a smart management software developed to manage your business in the cloud. erpRX is easy to operate and serves companies of all sizes and market segments. In addition to numerous features, you can count on the best cost-benefit ratio available on the market.

Over 7,000,000+ users worldwide cannot be wrong. From startups (1 user), to large companies with over 300,000+ users.

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As your company grows or challenges arise, you will need a management software that can support your journey to success.

Check out some of the numerous features within each of the modules. Get all modules or those that make sense for your business.


Control your inventory without wastage and optimize manufacturing

Fully manage supply chain operations and MRP with the optimal inventory level and an automated replenishment system. Countless benefits for production and the warehouse.


Get your finances in order without giving up any dollar bills.

Manage accounting, organize documents, create unique billing reports, and check expenses easily in just a few clicks.


Win over premium clients with higher average transaction revenue, automate business processes.

Sort orders, manage quotes, tasks and contracts, communicate and get paid quickly with clear and sophisticated quotes that enhance the customer experience.


Build websites with modern themes and at no extra cost.

Intuitive application with integrated marketing solutions. Create CRM-ready websites. Turn visitors into customers with customizable features.


Manage human resources by centralizing your information.

Simplify recruiting, monitor and evaluate work in one place. Verify up-to-date and approved expenses. Increase engagement and improve communication with integrated software applications.


Have a central marketing hub to spread the word about your business.

Automate marketing tasks and increase work efficiency. Create automated marketing campaigns, manage social media, manage leads, define your customer journey and streamline workflows for each department.


Take care of services with live tracking and planning.

Organize, schedule, plan, and analyze your projects with flexible software. Enhance collaboration, share documents and manage your activities from any location.


Monitor productivity with one powerful tool.

Create private or group chat discussions to share your ideas with ease. Save time by keeping track of your employees' requests.


Be ready for business anywhere and on any device.

Manage workflows from anywhere in the company or in the field, while securely signing documents electronically. Manage multiple projects and boost performance.

The erpRX also allows you to use all of its features through your smartphone or other mobile device, including barcode and QR code scanning, increasing productivity by 400% compared to a dedicated scanner. To top it off, it has augmented reality and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Track & Trace

Traceability and asset geolocation data, products and processes.

Register deliveries and downtimes in real time with data captured by a simple smartphone, tracking each stop. More than 80 reports available for your management.

Supporting multiple industries

ErpRX applications embrace the processes of any industry and fit the needs of any workflow in a flexible way. Your company will also be able to adapt its products in compliance with the current regulations, providing your customers with safety through serialization and product or drug traceability, preventing counterfeiting, adulteration, and other inconveniences that end up impacting your business and your brand’s credibility.

7 million users

have already transformed their operations and boosted their business productivity.