A Newfound Believer

Believers in the power of technology in the Pharma industry are hard to find. But MedPoint knew what it was looking for when it came to us. It wanted to go a step ahead in speeding up their warehouse line management.

Established in 2005, they were pioneers in drug distribution and we had just started. But what kept the balls rolling was the trust they showed in us.

The Challenge Had Just Begun

Going by the years our client had served the industry, we found that the complications had just piled up one after the other, sometimes interrupting some of the most crucial functioning like warehouse management and logistics.

Was there an icing on this cake? Of course! The company had its challenges when it came to DSCSA compliance.

Logistics Challenges

The bottom line was that they were not happy with the compliance burdens of the DSCSA. Especially how it affected their warehouse management and how it inadvertently led to insurmountable overhead costs, something they had not realized in years.

They were disappointed with the increase in overhead and the time they spent with handling the new returns requirements . Medpoint values their customers and needed to make sure that they met their customers expectations in their exemplar service as any drug delays and increase in overreaching prices would be a disaster.

Now, The Only Way Was ‘Up’

Owing to the magnanimity of the challenges we were faced with, coupled with the research and development each demanded, we decided to take on them- one at a time.

DSCSA was not a problem because all our solutions were FDA- approved. So, we hopped on to the others:

Overhead costs: We introduced the AR-driven multi-scanners in their warehouse that took them less than half of the people they had deployed to screen the packages for counterfeit drugs, thus eliminating the issues of employee costing. The multi-scanners improved diversion of resources from scanning and documentation (which was automated now) toward loading and logistics.

Parallel operations became easier and faster, which guaranteed on-time delivery.

Now that brings us to the next issue.

Customer satisfaction: With RX-enabled multi-scanners, consignment management was easier. For instance, the scanners could read damaged barcodes and packages in dark warehouse conditions, which eliminated any possibility of human error. The end results? Right packages landed at the right doorstep at the right time. Best still, everything could be monitored with the click of a mobile device.

Seamless integration: It was not as seamless as it sounds because we had to convince our client that we won’t be stripping their framework but patching it with other independent stakeholders they have to coordinate with and who might be functioning from a different set of operational standards.

Our API-first software- TrackTraceRX- was known to have shown results in such situations. It didn’t fail us this time too. The client was elated to know it didn’t require any training because that would’ve meant more money. Our virtual flowchart had easily digestible instructions that took minutes to understand and implement. And the software was able to pick up information from all the required places without any hitches.

A Pandora’s Box?

The DSCSA guidelines associated with Verification Router Service (VRS) wouldn’t have been so mysterious and, therefore, seemingly unachievable for the client, if they had the right equipment in place.

We’ll tell you why.

Going back in the supply chain to verify unidentifiable items is far complicated than the upward movement of drugs; Because the former demands better connectivity, communication and in-depth understanding of why a product is resalable or not.

Agreed, not many would have the knowledge, which demanded automation. So, in this case too, all we had to do was introduce a mobile-edge software that looked up the directories to track the visibility of a drug and provide real-time options for the handler to resale or destroy a product based on the outcome.

Using the best cloud repository with over 100,000 networked stakeholders to verify from, the software ensured increased productivity at affordable price.

So, Pandora’s box? Not anymore.

The Outcome?

If you haven’t yet realized the results, let’s spell O-U-T-S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G for you! With smoother operations and happy customers, there was no looking back for Medpoint.

Revenues looked up and so did the reliability factor. MedPoint is in control of the steering of the roller-coster again.

As far as we are concerned, we are delighted to have another feather in our cap of veteran customers.