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Pharmaceutical Track and Trace Simplified: The Future is Here!

Introducing the First Serialization Solution that uses Vision Scanning with Augmented Reality.

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Solving Pharmaceutical Serialization Bottlenecks Gets Easy

When it comes to tracking and tracing drugs in urgent care services such as the healthcare industry, Traceability compliance requirements such as the DSCSA & the Saleable Returns (VRS) bring many challenges to today's supply chains.

Imagine, an industry-first, IoT-empowered Track & Trace solution elevating your supply chain to the next level. Track products 40% faster and accurately with a technology-first approach to traceability that makes drugstore management safe and secured.

VRS Solution

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Accelerated Across 5 Levels

TrackTraceRx simplifies the 5 levels of supply chain for:
Manufacturers, CMOs, Distributors, 3PLs, Repackagers, Pharmacies, and Hospitals that are active participants in the urgent care healthcare supply chain.

  • QR code scanner in drugstore for urgent care

    Industry-First Mobile Vision Traceability Scanning

    Level 1 - Devices:

    Receiving and shipping are the biggest bottlenecks in a supply chain during day-to-day operations. Slow QR code scanners, scanning a single barcode at a time will not cut it. Add to it the time lag caused due to serialization mandate that is not possible without the introduction of advanced software. RapidRx mobile-edge scanner will bring significant efficiency gain by scanning multiple barcodes over a smart device.

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  • Types of software for drugstore supply chain

    Exponential Warehouse Automation

    Level 2 - Packaging Stations & Line Management Systems

    From receiving to stock management to lining up for delivery, with our rapid integration to any hardware printer or line management system, things get done with just the click of a button. Our QR code scanner solution guarantees overcoming all your Level 2 supply chain challenges by reducing the overall man-hour integration costs, thus bolstering the end-to-end process, including drugstore management.

    Level 2 equipment come with different types of software, which makes integration difficult. TrackTraceRx systems are designed with an API-first approach, allowing seamless integration with any level 2 equipment that needs to be IoT-enabled.

  • IoT QR code scanner for pharmaceutical companies

    Fast Inventory Management with Traceability Software

    Level 3 - Warehouse Management System (WMS) & ERP

    The heart of your warehouse relies on TrackTraceRx to pump the necessary data to not only comply, but also increase velocity, provide accurate tracking, and management of master data using different types of software.

    Warehouse managers can manage their inventory and accurately provide insta-verifications. The same holds good for drugstores, functioning at the end of the supply chain, and who need to know the authenticity of the medicines they are stocking.

    Empower the supply chain visibility with IoT-empowered insta-vision intelligence, reducing the workload on your employees, while automating validations. All that, without compromising on the speed of sorting, loading, and shipping.

  • Software for Track and Trace in urgent care pharmaceutical supply chain

    The Ultimate Track & Trace Solution

    The world's most powerful and easy-to-use Level 4 cloud-based system and a must-have for any supply chain dealing with urgent care products in the healthcare industry.

    Technology-first driven innovation such as IoT-synced QR code scanners has allowed TrackTraceRx to offer a better value proposition solution.

    Our Cutting-edge Track & Trace Offerings:

    Technology - The first and only QR-code scanner with vision scanning software and built-in AR that allows multiple barcode scanning and product visibility, crushing any DSCSA serialization challenges.

    Simplicity - Our system is so easy to use, we offer unlimited training. IoT makes data seamlessly accessible.

    Integration - An API-first design, which can be used by both manufacturers or drugstores, allowing us to integrate with any back-end system at Level 3 of the supply chain.

    Beyond Compliance - Don't just comply, move beyond it. Compliance is just the first step. Our solution excels productivity and pays for itself. And that is possible only if you operate with an IoT-powered software that makes data-sharing easy and transparent.

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  • Integrated software solution for pharmaceutical networks in the United States

    Integrated Pharmaceutical Traceability Network, Now Stronger

    Level 5 - Network Layer

    TrackTraceRX has spent the last 10 years integrating with the top pharmaceutical companies in the urgent care industry. Once integrated into the TrackTraceRX network, you are now part of thousands of suppliers across the pharmaceutical supply chain. Avoid having your IT team to integrate with your trading partners and instead focus on running your business. We support EPCIS, EDI, VRS & API connections, backed by cutting-edge software.

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Ready to Get Started?

At a glance, compliance is seen as an additional expense and burden. But when selecting a Track & Trace provider, it is important to find out if he can communicate and demonstrate the benefits of deploying a fully serialized Track & Trace solution, while addressing the fundamentals of IoT.

The answer would mostly be in the negative. A provider being able to make quantitative bottom-line improvement to your business, without compromising your existing operational model or framework with just a QR code scanner, is the right service provider for you.

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 DSCSA guided QR code software for IoT integration in urgent care drugstore

Our Case Studies

Types of software deployed for urgent care drugstore

A Solution for the Solution Provider

The price of prescription drugs in the United States have been soaring high for the past few decades, making it difficult for the low-income group to afford quality medication.

IoT enabled QR code scanner for Drugstore in the USA

A Newfound Believer

Believers in the power of technology in the Pharma industry are hard to find. But MedPoint knew what it was looking for when it came to us. It wanted to go a step ahead in speeding up their warehouse line management.