The global drug supply chain currently faces many challenges such as drug counterfeiting, diversion and theft as well as unapproved, substandard or uncertified drugs entering the chain.

This has created complexities in managing that risk from entering the U.S. internal drug supply making it paramount to protect U.S. distribution and its end consumers.


Safe supply within complex chains

The state of California was the first to use serialization as a solution for safer prescription drugs. In light of the positive results, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initiated a national anti-counterfeiting project.

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) describes the steps and requirements necessary to build an interoperable electronic system between commercial supply chain partners that identifies and tracks prescription drugs for sale in the US, dictating:

  • The secure and confidential electronic exchange of data between members of a pharmaceutical supply chain.
  • The traceable history of each unit sold within the supply chain, facilitating identification and potential recalls.
  • The verification of the item identifier, with serial number, lot number, GTIN/NDC, and expiration date.

Achieving complete traceability with 3 objectives

Within the 10-year timeframe, DSCSA will:

Are you ready for the drug supply chain security act?

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  • Understand the legislation.
  • Assist your trading partners to ensure they know the legislation.
  • Provide product traceability (manufacturers, wholesale distributors, repackagers and dispensers).
  • Make sure there is a system in place for identifying and handling illegitimate product.
  • Confirm that your trading partners are authorized.
  • Report licensure (third-party wholesale distributors and logistics providers).

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