A Solution for the Solution Provider

The price of prescription drugs in the United States have been soaring high for the past few decades, making it difficult for the low-income group to afford quality medication. But Solubiomix didn’t want ‘NO’ for an answer and resolved to take control of things. They approached us for a technology that could cut down on their overhead costs of drug distribution, enabling them to sell quality medicine at affordable prices.

We always had trust in the power of ‘serving the other before the self’. So, we had to be part of this journey.

The Milestones We Crossed

Painter Pablo Picasso had once said, “Action is the foundational key to all success”.

And that, we took. But our action could not go beyond a rule book (read DSCSA compliance) that was recently launched and was constantly being amended. Being a new Pharma entrant, Solubiomix was facing a double-edged razor- meeting the compliance standards and finding ways to integrate with stakeholders that were ‘non-believers’ in technical advancements.

Our Knights Were Put to Work

And our in-depth industry research was the armor that helped us find a solution at hand. Considering the two main challenges that our client was facing, we had to come up with an ‘all-rounder’ that was relevant for all the phases of the compliance and also effective in planting the client in the industry as a ‘pro’ rather than a ‘Nuevo’.

Patch’ing Bridges

We were running out of time but the solution we had in mind was ready by all standards. We didn’t have to worry about our software because they were engineered to fit the DSCSA requirements, but we had to come up with a way to install it in the client’s system so that he could communicate seamlessly with its older relatives, without having to tamper with either of their operational network.

We introduced a path of API-first software, TrackTraceRX, which just fit into any framework without trouble, enabling smooth data transfer between any two given entities in the supply chain.

While that took care of the overhead expenses (that we successfully reduced), stemming from asset restructuring required to accommodate a software, we were yet to combat the cost of man-hour involved in screening the medicine for their authentic origins.

Managing Member
Kenny Ladner

“TrackTraceRx really helped us every step of the way. Their system was the easiest solution to use and most advanced.”

Thou must behold the multi-scanners!

We were still working on our magic wand, the AR-enabled multi-scanner, a one-in-all solution for all issues related to drug traceability. Now, was the time to reveal it.

Solubiomix faced many challenges during loading, stacking, stocking and transporting drugs. Drug traceability in their case was doubly complicated because they functioned both as distributors and manufacturers. They needed a lot of manpower to perform all of the above activities, so involving more people for screening medicines simply did not go with their mission of affordable drug distribution.

Our multi-scanners did the trick. With the ability to scan close to 60,000 packages within a span of just 6 hours, the end-to-end operations for our client became both cost- effective and smooth. With lesser man-hour costs and fewer laborers, they achieved their goal.

The Outcome?

The client was beaming when he could not stop checking out the boxes- from DSCSA compatibility to customer servicing. The list of milestones was long and we were happy we could achieve all of them and more.

The results showed immediately. Solubiomix was able to save up to millions in a year, making more profits even while keeping its promise of making drug affordable. Thanks to the API-first software integration, it is now ONE of the industry and not just any one in the industry.

But our journey together does not end here…..
We are together in the upcoming DSCSA-day too, for VRS compliance.