• DSCSA approved RX software for logistics in the community health care
  • Community health care depends a lot on RX-enabled drug manufacturing supply chain
  • DSCSA-approved traceability software for warehouse management in community health care
  • Family healthcare depends on the care taken at home
  •  DSCSA guideline to improve community healthcare system

Drug Supply Chain
Security Act (DSCSA)

Drug Supply Chain Security Act guidelines to be taken care of

Is DSCSA Merely a Compliance Act?

The DSCSA, issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)- World’s No 1 Health Department- outlines the steps necessary to build an electronic interoperable system that can track and trace types of prescription drugs as they are sold and distributed for community health care in United States. TrackTraceRx has developed the only health care solution that approaches traceability focusing on the following touch points:

  • TrackTraceRx Integrated Network

    Easily integrate with thousands of pharmaceutical companies, approved by the healthcare department, by simply joining our traceability network.

  • API-first Software Design

    Our open API allows easy data exchange between the TrackTraceRx Cloud System and your internal systems.

  • T3 and Serialization Management

    Product Identification & ownership require keeping transaction records of the TH (Transaction History), TI (Transaction Information), and TS (Transaction Statement). These can later be shared with the health department for verification.

  • VRS – The Key to DSCSA Compliance

    The DSCSA requires all health care units to verify returns using a VRS service to send queries between trading partners, directly or indirectly related to family and community health care. TrackTraceRx provides an easy to use Saleable Returns interface allowing you to manage connections and queries before issuing your return.

Integrated software solution platform for pharmaceutical companies in USA
  • Elegant and simple user interface. It's so easy to use, we offer UNLIMITED training.
  • Completely customizable dashboard.

Decoding DSCSA Guidance For You

Introducing RAPIDRX, Your Traceability Partner

Welcome to the future of mobile scanning. RapidRx uses Mobile Computer Vision to integrate barcode scanning with augmented reality (AR) to deliver cost-effective, versatile, and feature-rich alternatives to dedicated scanning hardware.

  • Tracktrace

    Multiple Scan Barcodes

    Our Vision Scanner detects and scans multiple barcodes at a time, giving you unmatched scanning speed.

  • Tracktrace

    Augmented Reality (AR)

    Use AR to provide you real-time feedback like product expiration dates, sorting, stock, and much more.

  • Tracktrace

    Better Than Your Regular Scanner

    Save thousands of dollars by switching to a smart mobile device versus buying expensive slow scanners.

  • Tracktrace

    Real World Quantitative Savings

    Introducing your team to Vision Scanning will allow you to run scan checks 60% faster, reducing your man-hour costs.

Pharmaceutical management software solution in the USA

VRS Services

Our VRS services allow your company to meet the DSCSA Saleable Returns requirements, which is an important step to ensure community health care is not compromised.

The Saleable Returns requirements mandates that all products be verified before returning them to their original "saleable" state. TrackTraceRx has been participating currently with the HDA VRS pilot and is up-to-date with all the requirements needed to make sure your organization is ready come November 2020. With the combination of the TrackTraceRx Traceability portal and the RapidRx Vision scanner, our VRS technology is unmatched within the health care industry.

Augmented Reality enabled software solution for the pharma industry

DSCSA Timeline

On November 27, 2013, President Obama signed into health care law -The Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA). Title II of the Bill specifically dealt with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). The DSCSA outlines the steps necessary to build an electronic interoperable pharmaceutical traceability system that can track and trace different types of prescription drugs as they are sold and distributed in the United States. The DSCSA mandates full supply chain traceability from pharmaceutical manufacturer to pharmacy dispenser.