Rapidrx pharmacy management software solution to scan qr codes on smart phones

RAPIDRX: Innovating Pharmaceutical Serialization

The next-generation RX-enabled mobile edge technology that combines multi-scanning pharmacy management software, with built-in augmented reality (AR) making it the one-stop serialization solution for your supply chain management.


Power of RX-based Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

RapidRx will completely enhance the way your supply chain operates by bringing unrivalled pharmacy management software to trivialize your day-to-day operations.

  • RX-enabled DSCSA approved scanner for pharmacy management software

    DSCSA & Saleable Returns (VRS) Ready

    Upcoming DSCSA compliance mandates in pharmacy software management can add a huge burden to your operations. That's why choosing a technology-driven RX solution in pharmacy management that can completely eliminate the treacherous impact of slowing your supply chain velocity is important.

  • QR code multiscanner for pharmacy management

    Fastest Rx Serialization Scanner

    The RapidRx simplifies meeting regulatory requirements by capturing all serialization data from shipments in a single scan with the help of a qr code. As compared to the earlier process of scanning serialized shipment individually, RX scanner dramatically reduces the time required for shipment and receipt of goods, expediting pharmacy management.

  • Scan qr code with DSCSA-approved RX multiscanner in the pharmaceutical industry

    Augment Reality (AR) for Seamless Tracking

    RapidRx uses Mobile Computer Vision to integrate barcode scanning with AR to deliver cost-effective, versatile, and feature-rich alternatives to dedicated scanning hardware. Better still, the RX software can be used to scan qr code with android phone.

  • vision scanner software for pharmacy management

    Vision Scanning for Enhanced Visibility

    The RapidRx Vision scanner is about bringing visibility from the real world to the virtual world and all it takes is a little imagination. Pharmacy management with RX software has made user experience seamless.

  • Easy to use pharmacy management software

    Eco-Friendly Concept

    Digitally operated, supported by a QR code and a scanner, RapidRX does not encourage the usage of paper. Also, with its fast tallying and sorting features, it aims at a zero-wastage environment, reducing the likelihood of medicines landing up in the land-fills.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
Just got Smarter!

Imagine a mobile-edge vision scanner scanning multiple bar codes at once with the help of an android phone. Imagine a scanner intelligently telling you which products ship out first. This is not science fiction, but a reality. Welcome to the world of RapidRx!

Scan qr code with rx multiscanner for a DSCSA-approved pharmaceutical supply chain