Scanning in the warehouse: a look at the evolving technologies

The last couple of decades have been transformational moments for the digitization operations of labels and personalized codes.

These changes have impacted production and distribution processes, whether in receiving, storing and separating inputs, or in distributing finished products.

One of the benefits has been the reduction of storage costs, and it is now also possible to observe productivity gains.

Achieving these results, even though it may seem complex, should be a goal within companies and industries. One way to achieve this is to implement automation solutions based on smart technologies that guide the operations inside warehouses.

The idea is to gain speed in routine operations and transform production lines!

Get to know, then, some of the innovations that are gaining ground in warehouses – and in employees’ favour.

New technologies and new ways of operating inside warehouses

The increase in operational speed inside warehouses often depends on the ability to process commands in an agile way and, above all, to locate products quickly.

Another aspect to be considered is the option to customize tools and resources for this activity.

So, the new equipment used in storage and merchandise processing tasks need to be configured according to the demands of the service.

And here, the use and integration with the operator becomes a distinguishing factor. Not least because the new solutions involve visual and audible resources – voice commands and light signaling.

Check out some of them below!

Voice Choice


In voice-directed operations inside warehouses, the employee is equipped with a headset connected to a mobile device.

The operator speaks commands aloud, or reads printed codes, which are processed by voice recognition and translated into the language used by the device.

The technology even provides voice guidance to the operator, useful in various tasks within the warehouse.

Light Choice

This solution ensures agility when locating products inside the warehouse. 

And the system is simple: a light indicator is positioned in strategic places of the warehouse and illuminated by a specific color, indicating where an operator’s intervention is required.

For example: after reading an order number, the system locates it and signals, throughout the warehouse, where the operator must go.

Using Apps


Another innovation has been the development of software applications capable of reading different codes. One example is the software developed by TrackTraceRX, RapidRX.

Apps such as RapidRX ensure that operations within the warehouse are carried out through an interactive interface. This is because the app uses features such as augmented reality.

RapidRX’s convenience concept is that it can be used on laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other equipment, such as Google Glass.

Wearable Devices


Wearable barcode scanners are functional solutions for warehouse workers who need to keep their hands free.

They are very advantageous in operations where other tasks must be accomplished during scanning, significantly optimizing productivity.

Wearable as a part of their clothing – hence the name wearables – these devices transform the operator’s experience throughout the warehouse.

By developing applications dedicated to code reading and using them in combination with new equipment that is being launched in the technology market, the solutions are customizable and comfortable to operate.

Migrating from one technology to another

It is a well-known fact that the warehouse is a central part of supply chain management in a company. Having easy access and control of the data about the stored products is a strong differentiator in an increasingly competitive market.

For this reason, and added to some regulatory norms specific to segments such as pharmaceuticals, adapting management systems has become an urgent demand.

There are many technologies aimed at warehouse data digitalization, and our top tip is: choose the one that best suits your operations.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Start the transformation within your company now!

Consult our team of experts and get to know the RapidRX app.


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