Need Traceability Solutions? Get a Technology-first Approach to Track & Trace

Using computer vision, TrackTraceRx injects speed and accuracy into traceability like never before. Scan QR code with your smart phone and get the traceability details. It’s that easy!

Scan QR code for integrated IoT solutions within pharmacy software systems
RX integrated pharmacy software systems scanning QR codes

Increase accuracy and speed using the RapidRx Vision Scanner that scans QR codes 60% faster, extended by the TrackTraceRx traceability portal.

Scan QR code on smart phones in pharmacy software systems

Simplify serialization with pharmacy software systems providing real-time information using Augmented Reality (AR) high-performance Track & Trace solution.

Integration of Iot solutions is easy with RX-enabled pharmacy software systems

Feature-rich Track & Trace traceability portal with IoT solutions to meet all the pharmacy software system requirements needed for the DSCSA law.

Traceability-integrated Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Network

Integrating with your partners to received data is complex. Join the TrackTraceRx-integrated Network and start receiving your compliance data today. Scan QR code on RX-enabled android and iOS smartphones and get started.

Traceability integrated pharmacy software systems Thousands of companies use the TrackTraceRx network
  • Millions of transactions processed
  • Complete integration support and error detection
  • Monitoring for compliance data validation
  • Scan QR code in RX-enabled pharmaceutical supply chain solutions for pharmacy software systems

    Transform Your Supply Chain with Vision Scanning

    We help pharmaceutical companies automate manual workflows, comply with regulations and free up staff to spend more time in servicing their clients than handling complex pharmacy software systems. The RapidRx vision scanner is the only pharmaceutical product that will completely replace your slow scanners with multiscanning smart RX devices that can read QR codes whatever the environs.

    Add Augmented Reality (AR) to add digital traceability information from the QR code onto your device screen. This means, warehouse staff can see stock information, expiration date, product information, and much more.

  • Traceability portal accessible with RX QR scanner in pharmaceutical supply chain

    Simple-to-use Yet Powerful Traceability Portal

    Feature-rich Track & Trace integrated portal with advanced pharmacy software systems, servicing Manufacturers, Repackagers, CMOs, Wholesale Distributors, Pharmacies and Hospitals to meet the DSCSA requirements.

    Ease-of-use by simply following an easy workflow designed on the main dashboard of the IoT solution. The TrackTraceRx portal is so simple, TrackTraceRx provides unlimited training.

  • API-first design with integrated traceability pharmacy software systems

    API-first Integration

    TrackTraceRx pharmacy software systems integrate safely to any environment with its API-first advantage of speed and flexibility. Development teams are able to map out workflows for integration that is unmatched in the industry.

    Integration support for all major ERP and WMS systems.

Upgrade your pharmaceutical track & trace system with IoT solutions

There’s More to the Gen-X Track & Trace Solution

Let TrackTraceRx provide quantitative bottom-line improvement to your business with our new RapidRx vision scanner with AR, a revolution in the pharmacy software systems industry. The future of Track & Trace is here.