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We are the only DSCSA-guided VRS solutions provider that uses Vision Scanning and AR, providing unmatched speed and capacity to successfully trace prescription drugs. A mandate by the health department for pharmacies, saleable returns is the safe route to resell drugs.

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What are Saleable Returns in Pharmacy?

Saleable returns are defined as prescription drugs that are returned to the original supplier by a pharmacy unable to identify their origin. In many cases, pharmacies and other drug dispensers return these products because they are over-stocked or unidentified and want to get a refund. Products that are returned for ANY reason, must be verified, as per the health department.

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The First Vision Scanning and Augmented Reality (AR)
VRS Solution


Your supply chain will expect immediate responses when it comes to returns from a pharmacy. It will be impossible to verify hundreds if not thousand without the right solution. AR and Vision Scanning are your true medical assistants that take VRS to a whole other level, making returns of drugs seamless and profitable.

  • Advanced medical assistance in pharmacy and health department to track and trace prescription drugs

    High Speed Scanning

    Scan Multiple Return Barcodes in seconds

  • VRS-integrated medical assistance for pharmacy supply chain management

    VRS-integrated Pharmacy Network

    Gain access to the TrackTraceRX pharmacy network and start receiving and sending VRS requests.

  • Fastest RX-enabled pharmacy medical assistant in health department

    When AR takes over

    Receive real-time intelligence on your return with AR, your ultimate medical assistant.

  • RX-driven real-time intelligent pharmacy software in health department

    Faster Pharmacy Software Integration

    Speedy VRS integration with your ERP or WMS systems.

Experience World's Most Powerful and Easy-to-Use VRS Service

Our system is so easy to use we offer UNLIMITED staff training. To medical assistants in healthcare departments.

  • VRS Responder & Requester Modules

    Respond to requests or request verifications of prescription drugs by pharmacies in sub-seconds!

  • Unmatched Support

    Phone and live chat support by medical assistants right from the beginning of application.

  • Secured Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Data

    Following security best practices making sure your data is safe and secure and easily accessible to various health departments.

  • API-first Design

    With API First, integrate with your ERP or WMS faster than any other VRS provider.

  • Responsive UI

    The only VRS provider with responsive design UI. Our UI fits perfectly synced with any screen size.

  • Mobile-edge Pharmacy Solution

    Use our Mobile-edge solution with built-in vision scanning and augmented reality.

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We are a pharmacy solution provider that is able to make quantitative bottom-line improvement to your business, without compromising your existing operational model or framework. Translation:
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RX-driven real-time intelligent pharmacy software in health department


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