TrackTrace ERP – The First ERP Fully Integrated with DSCSA Traceability

TrackTraceRx, a market leader on the development of traceability solutions for the Life Science industry, has launched a new software that encompasses DSCSA Traceability with a full fledge ERP system called the TrackTraceERP.


On November 27, 2013, President Obama signed into law The Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA). Specifically in that bill, Title II of the DQSA, is the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). The DSCSA, outlines the steps necessary to build an electronic interoperable system that can track and trace types of prescription drugs as they are sold and distributed in the United States.

The biggest challenge in selecting a software that handles the new DQSA law is the fact that other solutions in the market only focuses on providing DSCSA traceability. The problem with this is, once you choose a DSCSA software solution, you must spend weeks, even months, getting your DSCSA solution provider integrated with your ERP, according to TrackTraceRx Operations Manager Christian Souza.

“Imagine getting a one stop solution,” says Souza. “The TrackTraceERP is an entire ERP solution that manages your business, manages your inventory, sales, CRM, and passes traceability data required by the DSCSA. ”

The TrackTraceERP is the world’s first and only solution that fully automates traceability with an ERP system, starting with manufacturing all the way to passing serialized traceability data to your trading partners. No integration needed, the solution is fully automated and works right off the bat.

The TrackTraceERP is currently accepting a limited number of users to beta test this newly launched solution. Please contact us at or visit

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