GS1 DataMatrix in Healthcare: Benefits Beyond Compliance

Due to its unmatched flexibility and functionality, the GS1 DataMatrix barcode has caught the attention of supply chains across many industries.

Increasing competition and global standards have leveraged the use of the code as a new solution for more efficient processes and workflows.

The healthcare industry, discussed especially in this content, has faced challenges with counterfeit drugs, problematic recalls, stock-outs, and supply chain inefficiencies.

In these cases, GS1 DataMatrix has become a global trendsetter in improving patient safety and solving some of the production and distribution bottlenecks in the pharmaceutical industry.

GS1 DataMatrix applications in healthcare

The GS1 DataMatrix code is a type of two-dimensional (2D) barcode that can store a lot of information about various products within a very small area.

Serial number, lot identification, and expiration date are examples of data that can be stored in this code.
Widely used in the healthcare industry, GS1 DataMatrix can also be applied in other segments, helping to optimize supply chain processes.


Now check out some of the GS1 DataMatrix applications that are transforming the healthcare industry!

1- Ensuring data integrity

GS1 DataMatrix is a more secure format for storing product data and items such as medicines. This is because its readability is maintained even when small data is printed.

2- Optimizing inventory management

Manage your inventory more efficiently based on transparent information that GS1 DataMatrix can provide you about your inventory.

The code helps to identify and separate products, so routing for distribution and sale, as well as inventory reviews, become more agile.

3- Asset Management

GS1 DataMatrix can be printed directly on equipment and products. In a hospital, for example, it is possible to print the code directly on everyday instruments, such as scissors.

This ensures more precise control over assets, including controlled and high-risk medications.

4- Reducing waste

With GS1 DataMatrix it is possible to identify the expiration date of stock items at any level of the chain, considerably reducing waste.

5- Hospital safety

The code can be used to register information about patients, facilitating access to it when necessary. With the code, data about which drugs are being used and their dosages are stored safely.

6- Standardization for national control

With the implementation of the National Medicines Control System (SNCM) by Anvisa, GS1 DataMatrix will become the standard code for storing and transmitting data on medicines.

7- Application at points of sale

With codes printed directly on the medicine packaging, it will be possible to use the GS1 DataMatrix code at points of sale, in pharmacies, making it easier to access data such as the product’s value.

8- Recalls without headaches

Recalling a product is a stressful process. Time is wasted on routine operations, market value is lost along with the negative impacts among consumers. In short, these are all headaches that occur, but they can be minimized.

By providing a 100% accurate record of product movement information, GS1 DataMatrix allows you to identify which units should be recalled.


You save time by monitoring transportation and, above all, identifying possible patients who have consumed the product.

GS1 DataMatrix also helps open a direct line between the patient, the protocols to be applied, and the required medications, reducing medication errors by more than 50% and minimizing the risk of adverse drug events by up to 75% in the hospital environment.

New technologies, new tools

The DS1 DataMatrix code, as mentioned, is a two-dimensional code. This means, in addition to the above information, that it cannot be read by conventional scanners.

Within its own guidelines, GS1 Healthcare recommends using scanners with reading software based on image capture, such as RapidRX, which can be used with various mobile devices, providing the flexibility that the healthcare industry needs.

RapidRX Multiscanner revolutionizes healthcare asset management!


Today, with the help of the RapidRX app, we are transforming global companies across multiple industries, optimizing their workflows and increasing employee efficiency by up to 400%! Get real-time information and on-screen guidance, powered by our Augmented Reality (AR) feature.

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